NWN2 Server Relocation

Firstly apologies for the disruption relocation has cause the LoR Online server.

It has been several weeks but the server is back up and running 24/7

Some information you will need to know:

The server is still in development and is a small part of a larger group of projects by developed by our team at GMD.

All of this has been made possible by our Patreon backers.

Why not become a backer and support our efforts.

Take a look at the projects we are developing on our Patreon Page.


As well as the server being up 24/7, GM Draeus runs DM organised events and adventures.

These are advertised on the GMD Online website, which can be found here:


Also the GMD Online community can be found running about the server during a Live Twitch Broadcasting.

Keep an eye on the GMD Online Twitch Channel Here:


The Server is not Perfect. It has a lot of bugs and if you do come across one please let us know.

We have a dedicated NWN2 channel on our discord.

But we also have a dedicated Support Ticket System on our GMD Online Website. Feel free to leave a Ticket for the bug team to add it to the list we are currently working through.


That is it for now, so enjoy!

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