Overland Map Progress

Mid September 2018 I decided to make progress on my Overland Map to give my Home Brew World a feeling of scale.

So I developed Areas that interlocked together so you could walk across the complete region.

The Region spans the south West corner of Rhea, The main continent to my LoR game world covering:

  • North Peridor
  • South Peridor Dales
  • Forests of the Duannan
  • The Fire Mountains of Aster
  • Region of Krendal
  • Regions of Shalna
  • The Steel Mountains
  • The Haunted Tor
  • Hill of Bones
  • Regions of Galor
  • Isle of Héros

In total these regions span 55 20 x 20 area maps at 50% Overland Map Scale.

So far it requires a lot of linking up and texturing before the real decorating and added content can continue… But that will happen over time!

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