Overland Map Development

The Go-live date has been pushed back while we tackle some crafting bugs and set up new goodies!

Here are some image of the overland sailing so far…

Updates so far:

Server version Alpha 4.7 — Updated 20/03/2018
– Spawn Point in Goblin caves fixed
– Alpha testing of shipping fixed
– Added decoration to Wickton
– 2 x dungeon added
– Amended some typo’s
– Alpha test Ship system added to Overland Map
– New Overland Map added for Alpha Testing
– Marsh King Story complete
– 3 x New Quest Added

Server version Alpha 4.6 — Updated 14/03/2018
– Hireling added
– MK Orbs fixed
– Fixed Goblin Halls Spawn issue
– Southern Moors Sculpted and Textured
– Ghost Rock Pass Sculpted and textured
– Collection loot awards reduced to 0 repeat time
– Added 2 x recipes to Store
– MK Crate Teleport Fix
– Fixed Floating Waterfall in swamps
– BAndit Prisoner Escort fix
– Marsh King Lair Cave wall fix
– Quest rewrite to fix issues
– Ancient pedestal fix
– General Store Walkmesh Fix
– General Store Sleepingbag Fix
– New creature added
– Copper Ore deposits added
– 3 x barrows decorated
– Dock Nails Quest Fixed
– Skinning Removed
– Collection Quest XP Award Fix
– 2 x Quests Added

Server version Alpha 4.5 — Updated 01/03/2018
– Trade Book Skill reward quest added
– Craft Recipes Added
– South Woods Borders Scuplted
– Swamps Borders Sculpted
– Ghost Rock Mountains Borders Sculpted
– Larocs Peak borders Sculpted
– Barrows Borders Scuplted
– Wicktons Borders Sculpted
– KRendal Borders sculted
– Ghost Rock Borders Completed
– Crafting quest added
– Krendal Workshop decorated
– Basic crafting trainers added to workshop
– Harvestable resources added to areas
– 22 Crafting skills added
– craft store added
– crafting tools added
– Marsh King quest fix
– Mine caves door fixed
– stirge wings fixed
– krendal mage store added
– Lowri spawn fix
– Stirge Wing quest fix
– Added 4 new quests.
– Border detail Krendal Village to the east
– Border Detail to East krendal Craggs
– Border detail to SE Krendal
– Added more decoration and entrances to Barrows
– Fix to Wolf Track Quest
– Companions test working
– Fix to Vaylen Story Line Starting Quest
– new loot system added to exterior beasts
– trade route added to Delphi
– Trade route added to Tabula Rasa
– 18 Collection quests added
– Mage Store added to Wickton
– Return Scrolls added
– Trade routes added
– 5 side quess added
– Bank decorated
– slight decoration to Barrows
– Fixed Wolves of the North Story Line
– Added minor decoration to Wickton
– Added some decoration to Ghost Rock Mountain regions
– Added minor decoration to Larocs Peak region.

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