Server Latest Development Feb 2018

Server has been undergoing some major changes especially since the move to a new provider back in 2017.

Laroc’s Peak: Currently going through decorating…

The Plan

The Plan is to go Live at the end of FEB. slightly behind schedule but with 2 weeks to go anything can happen.


Updates so far:

Server version Alpha 4.5 — Updated 09/02/2018

– Fix to Wolf Track Quest
– Companions test working
– Fix to Vaylen Story Line Starting Quest
– new loot system added to exterior beasts
– trade route added to Delphi
– Trade route added to Tabula Rasa
– 18 Collection quests added
– Mage Store added to Wickton
– Return Scrolls added
– Trade routes added
– 5 side quess added
– Bank decorated
– slight decoration to Barrows
– Fixed Wolves of the North Story Line
– Added minor decoration to Wickton
– Added some decoration to Ghost Rock Mountain regions
– Added minor decoration to Larocs Peak region.

Server version Alpha 4.4 — Updated 05/02/2018
– 4 New quest added
– 2 New Story Lines added
– new deed added
– Decorated Wickton
– cave party transitions removed
– Krendal Bank Door Fixed
– added tracking triggers to Krendal Woods
– minor decoration to Ghost Rock Mountains
– minor decoration to Larocs Peak
– retextured Krendal Barrows
– Added Fungian Deed
– Added Worg Deed
– Retextured Parts of Krendal Town
– Changed auto transition to a door transition at Krendal Mines
– Explorer quest added
– Some minor decoration has been done to the Northern Ghost Rock Mountains rage.
– Added the basic structures for Wickon Village.
– Some Minor decoration work performed on the Craggs
– Some minor decoration added to the Swamps
– Some texture work updated in the Southern Woods, to match the region
– Some minor texture work and some decorating of Larocs Peak
– Major Retexturwork to the Barrows and some minor decoratoin work
– GMD Premium Membership set up fixed on GMD Assistant
– New quest added and appropriate location decorated fully
– Wickon village added
– Companions System Added. [Transitions require fixing prior to being implemented]
– Premium Member conversation bug fix
– Krendal Bullets are now infinite
– Goblin Short Sword can now be sold
– New cave entrances added to NW Krendal
– PW Map fog of war fixed
– Transition links from Krendal Barrows to Ghost Rock Mountains fixed

Server version Alpha 4.3 — Updated 03/01/2018
– Retextured North , North East and North West Krendal.
– Added Plugin that helps with linking areas up … Why did I not find this earlier!!
– Walk mesh completed in North Krendal
– Ghost Rock Mountains retextured.
– Fixed database issues
– Added Persistent Time
– Sundial Added to Krendal
– Floating door in keep removed [Keep stil lneed to be decorated]

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