Server Stress Test – 22/10/2017

Server Stress Test – 22nd October 2017

After experiencing the server suffering from terrible lag during our Campaign game. I decided to do a stress test after the service provider assured me that the server can handle 12+ players no problems at all.

So I Tristan scoured the land in search of unlikely explorers to join me [Protect] running about and visit a dungeon to see what troubles the server had.

Luckily a ship arrived at the docks with new heroes aboard. I found my good friend Jacko in the local tavern and even the mighty Gilbock arrived in town after slaughtering wild beasts. While heading to the docks to greet the new arrivals I bumped in a lost Calawyn.

Together with my six companions we stormed the Fang Caves. Our journey took us across Krendal town into the crags and then we followed the mountains to our destination. There we fight hard, close to death at times against a host of wolves and other denizens we crossed paths with.


No lag was experienced… Great news! The odd twitch here and there but over all the game was playable and it’s back to the drawing board to add more content.

The Magnificent Seven

Tristan the Bard, Calawyn the Mage, Gilbock the Elfin Barbarian, Jacko the Warrior, Dart Wettiams the Warrior, Alinna the Rouge, Weston the Warrior.


Magnificent 7!

A Massive Thanks To…

Spike, Hrefn, DragonGirl, Eusi, Gilbock, Kokopelli for your assistance.

Also thanks to Hanzu for trying her best to join us!

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