Krendal Face-lift: Swamps

Krendal Face-lift

Swamps rocks have been placed and I have started to add some vegetation. Trisan and Jakko have explored the Swamps and all looks great!

Whats changed?

The old area was heavily forested and hilly. It was difficult to navigate through hundreds of trees. The new area has been re-sculpted and textured. Rocks and Colossal cliffs have been added. Brackish water dominates most of the area but is accessible to walk through.

The objective is to have a foggy region with dead trees to hide many secret locations for the servers heroes to hunt and explore.

Whats Next?

Now to add Vegetation…

Once the Vegetation has been completed I will fix the spawns and crating resources.

Then a batch of quest points shall be added.

Lighting and sounds will finally finish the scene.

Here are some Screen shots so far:

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