Krendal Facelift – Other Areas Progress

It’s not only Krendal Town that is undergoing a face-lift!

Images of Krendal Crags

Rocky cliffs added to the newly sculpted and textured area, awaiting for vegetation to be added.

Old encounters remain! Tristan ambushed by a wolf. In the background you can see the arched bridge of Krendal Town.

More of Krendal Crag


Images of Southern woods

Only a little part of the area has vegetation and placeables in place. But you can already see forest trails taking shape.

A view of the rocky regions of the woods and a path that may lead to adventure!


Images of the Haunted Hills

The western area of Krendal has undergone a re-shape and texture. This is in the early stages of the face-lift.

A lot of the fog remains, a lot of the placeables need to be replaced and re-loctaed.

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